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107. Donna Noble Appreciation Week
Day one: the moment you fell in love with Donna

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What is it about The Capital in The Hunger Games that is so wrong?

Is it the killing of innocent children?

Is it the oppression of the districts?

Is it the media censorship?

Is it the attacks on peaceful protesters? 

Is it the denial of basic human rights?

Does any of this sound familiar?

If it’s clear in fiction why is it so hard to see that what’s happening in Ferguson is so wrong?


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bless them for letting baby girl keep her heritage

I peep them braids and that dress

I was just thinking this. She actually takes the children back to visit their family in their home country and they study about their own cultures. She isn’t one of those white people trying to assimilate her non-white children. 

She doesn’t use her kids as props and accessories, and she loves and cherishes them all equally it looks like.

Not to mention how she lets John (Shiloh prefers to be called John) dress and act how they like

Also, I’m pretty sure her wedding dress has her kids’ drawings on it, which is just unbelievably adorable.

it does have her kids drawings on it, they also helped to write the vows and Maddox the eldest boy made the cake with his friends, which is probably why he looks so nervous in the picture of them cutting it.

Every single thing I hear about this wedding makes me so happy even though they’re complete strangers to me because it just seems so joyful.

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I actually just started tearing up in the middle of the marshall center lol

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this puppy is NOT wearing a seatbelt

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how i feel when i wear glasses vs how i feel without them. by AlliCattt

where’s her oscar because this is a full movie in 6 seconds

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why do black people use you in the wrong context? such is "you ugly" instead of "you're ugly" I know u guys can differentiate, it's a nuisance





you a bitch

It’s called copula deletion, or zero copula. Many languages and dialects, including Ancient Greek and Russian, delete the copula (the verb to be) when the context is obvious.

So an utterance like “you a bitch” in AAVE is not an example of a misused you, but an example of a sentence that deletes the copular verb (are), which is a perfectly valid thing to do in that dialect, just as deleting an /r/ after a vowel is a perfectly valid thing to do in an upper-class British dialect.

What’s more, it’s been shown that copula deletion occurs in AAVE exactly in those contexts where copula contraction occurs in so-called “Standard American English.” That is, the basic sentence “You are great” can become “You’re great” in SAE and “You great” in AAVE, but “I know who you are” cannot become “I know who you’re” in SAE, and according to reports, neither can you get “I know who you” in AAVE.

In other words, AAVE is a set of grammatical rules just as complex and systematic as SAE, and the widespread belief that it is not is nothing more than yet another manifestation of deeply internalized racism.

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